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When the scientists chemically lopped off the molecules' space-filling heads, each bristle had enough room to bend over.
One thing that isn't lopped off when cheese-makers take the fat out of ricotta is calcium.
Not only does it condense the automutilative forces generally rampant in his work into a picture of the ultimate act of self-damage but it portrays this act as the epitome of calm, cool execution: the myth is no that Schwarzkogler lopped off his penis in some mad outburst of artistic frenzy but, rather, that he sliced it off bit by deliberate bit.
In Elizabethan drama, only the Fool could speak the truth-and debunk conventional wisdom--without getting his head lopped off.
Over the past seven years he had lopped thousands of trees and he worked to British standards.
On D-Day, he parachuted into the thick of battle at Normandy, and after the war fished for crab in the Bering sea, worked for a time as a longshoreman, and on one occasion lopped off the top of a thumb in a sawmill accident.
Although they lost 14-4 on Saturday to the Yankees, the Red Sox have officially lopped seven games off what was once a 10 1/2-game Yankees lead.
In July 2001, a member of the public reported work had been carried out and an officer found four trees, an oak, a sycamore and two ash trees, had been severely lopped.
Contact the local planning authority and inquire about the possibility of having a protection order put on the tree to prevent it being felled or lopped.
A TEENAGE fund-raiser lopped off her lovely locks for a cause very close to her heart.
In Elizabethan drama, only the Fool could speak the truth--and debunk conventional wisdom--without getting his head lopped off.
Summoned to a Bay Area hospital to remove the stubborn accessory from a certain swollen appendage, Paul took a deep breath, leaned in, and lopped off the cock ring with a pneumatic saw.