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Fagan of Fairhaven, Kinnerton Road, Lower Kinnerton, admitted that he topped and lopped the tree, which was the subject of a tree preservation order, in a manner likely to destroy it.
In Elizabethan drama, only the Fool could speak the truth-and debunk conventional wisdom--without getting his head lopped off.
She worked most of the night, and when she had the trunk lopped, she put her ax away in the garage and went around to Scott MacPhearson's farm and borrowed his wheel horse, the Belgian, and drove him over to her house.
There were some funny bits and we'd had enough champagne - courtesy of Lowes Theaters - to delight at Olde New York, even as heads were lopped and we spotted the Federal Reserve Building in the last shot.
One thing that isn't lopped off when cheese-makers take the fat out of ricotta is calcium.
Not only does it condense the automutilative forces generally rampant in his work into a picture of the ultimate act of self-damage but it portrays this act as the epitome of calm, cool execution: the myth is no that Schwarzkogler lopped off his penis in some mad outburst of artistic frenzy but, rather, that he sliced it off bit by deliberate bit.