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Focus Telescopic Bypass Loppers have hardened telescopic carbon-steel blades and nonslip grip, good for cutting green stems.
Loppers are extremely handy for seasonal pruning of fruit trees, shaping small ornamental trees, cutting out heavy branches in shrubbery, and removing unwanted saplings at ground level.
1) Remove one 34-inch diameter branch from a tree using a lopper, remove another using a new tri-edged pruning saw, and another using a pruning saw with traditional teeth.
Pruning will require cutting tools: a good knife, hand pruners, long-handled loppers, speed pruning saw and perhaps a pole pruner or pole saw.
Plus a 40cm/16" angle-adjustable, reciprocating hedge trimmer, 36cm/14" self-lubricating Oregon chainsaw branch lopper and additional 1m/3ft 3" extra long extension to provide maximum reach up to 3m/9ft 10" - all with tool-free, quick-fit, no fuss attachment
Four basic tool categories are necessities: hand pruners for the 1/2-inch to 1-inch twig range; loppers for the whoppin' 3-inch branches; hedge shears for all of those bushes, shrubs and hedges during the growing season; and the saw to tackle anything else.
Our vote for best new tool goes to Black & Decker's Alligator Loppers, a versatile electric device that's like a chain saw and lopper rolled into one.
Invitation to tender :Overhead contact rail and conventional line of contact, tunnels / clustered projects of Lake Brienz and Lopper I tunnel
SAVE PS100 Easily tackles heavy duty cutting of up to 10" diameter logs at an incredible 33ft/second, but add both fibreglass extension poles (no tools required) and you've got a powerful branch lopper with a massive reach of over 1/2 feet - work with your feet safely on the ground - much safer than using a ladder
GARDEN BEAST: Release your inner wild animal with Black & Decker's Alligator Lopper.
Everyone can benefit from a body-friendly pruner or lopper, emphasizes Hatch.