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And the scenes set on the feedlot (a holding area where cattle are fattened for slaughter) give us explicit footage of such charming practices as the lopping off of horns - down to the blood spurting out of the severed appendage - and the castration of bulls.
But Miss Lena didn't even take a breather then; she just started lopping the branches.
In addition, the earlier experiment required lopping off two-thirds of a dog's liver to stimulate cell division and gene uptake.
USING a combination of force-reducing double pulleys, ergonomic design, an ideal balance of blade toughness and superior "edge-holding" achieved by using SK5 high carbon steel and patented titanium plating, together with a blend of incredibly strong but lightweight nylon and fibreglass handles, these new lopping shears have been completely re-designed to maximise cutting efficiency with minimum effort - something we believe all keen gardeners look for.
Stuart Dunn, prosecuting, said the order was made in October 1984, prohibiting the felling or lopping of trees behind properties in Coed-y-Glyn, Llanrhos, near Llandudno.
Sex: Unknown interviews one surgeon who is captured mid-mutilation of a newborn boy whose penis is so small, the surgeon is lopping it off to make him a girl.