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He happily enough vied with Beethoven in various other media where the latter excelled, including the piano sonata and the string quartet, despite the obvious gulf between Hummel's loquaciously companionable muse and Beethoven's depth.
In contrast to New York, New York's sophisticated outsourced production (the gallery disclosed that Beshty employed a professional fabricator), the show's other sculpture, loquaciously titled Home Depot Modular Composition #1 (LC2 Grand Confort "Cushion Basket" Club Chair, 1928, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand), 2006, was relatively crude, fashioned by the artist from simple, commonplace materials.
This raro does so splendidly and loquaciously, with flair, respect for the nonsense of life and a titter or two.