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Latine is a good candidate for the role of moral spokesperson in the reform scene, being an entertaining yet comparatively sober character who has been trying to contain Young Bookwit's exuberant and inventive loquaciousness throughout the play.
We the people of the largest democracy of the world will do well to learn more 'palatable' use of our tongues, notwithstanding our characteristic loquaciousness.
il, Israel's leading tech blog, says Israelis are also among the top cell phone users in the world - simply due to their infamous loquaciousness.
Though his title invites scholars from a number of different fields, the writing often trades clarity for loquaciousness and jargon.
However respectable Miss Bates may be, there is no denying that her loquaciousness tries people's patience.
on a homosexual's allegedly innate loquaciousness, but he even
Brahms's trio juvenilia, discovered only after his death, has all the romantic features of Brahms's early style; it is interesting to discover how a certain musical loquaciousness and formal expansiveness link the young Brahms with the young Dvorak.
95) Given Justice Souter's loquaciousness during oral argument, it will be interesting to see if his replacement, Justice Sotomayor, fills the void, if other justices pick up the slack, or if the Court speaks less without him.
Regarding its theoretical and conceptual substance, what stands out is loquaciousness which unduly dilutes the conceptual potential of the ideas the author draws on.
We would conclude that their opaque loquaciousness meant nothing to them or to us.
Happily, I visited with my colleagues Jasbir and Anuji rather than alone and their loquaciousness largely distracted me from the sadness of our surroundings.