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The biology of the red squirrel, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus loquax (Bangs), in central New York.
At the loquax et famelicum conuiuium at Milo's empty dinner table, the food consists of "merely stories" (Met.
Her topics include Inferno 5 in its lyric and autobiographical context, whether Dante hopes for Vergil's salvation, time and narrative in Petrarch's Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, and notes toward a gendered history of Italian literature with a discussion of Dante's Beatrix Loquax.
As their yacht Loquax edged closer to the shore, they saw to their astonishment that a whole African village had turned out to meet them.
What makes these pools of silence so salient to our experience is the fact that they stand in contrast to the fluid currents of auditory qualities produced by the human voice-the sonorous currents in which Homo loquax is habitually immersed.
The Edingtons - Peter and Sally and their daughters Sophie and Suzie - from Broseley Wood, Shropshire, set off from Britain for Australia last year in a home-made yacht, the Loquax, laden with charitable supplies.
Today their yacht, the Loquax, will set sail from Plymouth en route for the Canaries.
Computer programmer Mr Peter Edington, his wife and their two teenage daughters set off yesterday afternoon from their Shropshire home at the start of their two-year trip to Gambia in the home-made Loquax.
Mr Edington has built the 56-foot yacht, the Loquax, in the family's back garden from moulded fibre-glass.
On board their 56-foot, home-made yacht Loquax are medical supplies for operations being carried out in West Africa for Sight Savers International.
Thanks to the Edington family and their yacht Loquax ,crrctnearly 300 people in the Gambia have been treated for cataract disease.
As the good ship Loquax pitches on the swells, the girls - Sophie, 13, and 15-year-old Suzy - will be below decks studying for their GCSEs and A-levels on a computer link.