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For example, Lester becomes a protective warrior for good, while Richard becomes a wonderfully nurturing, compassionate person who supports his spouse's ambitious work and admires her "loveliest and lordliest" (133) voice.
While Burke stops at hierarchy, Williams sings of hierarchy transformed: The Table ascended; each in turn lordliest and least-slave and squire, woman and wizard, poet and priest; interchanged adoration, interdispersed prayer, the ruddy pillar of the Infant was the passage of the porphyry stair.
In the first issue, Rawlins writes, "Please note that criticisms & satires in DIO's supplemental J.HA will be primarily aimed not at the small or the powerless, but at [1] the lordliest archons of academe (largely reviewing their Hist.sci effusions), and-or [2] he who tries to kiss these lords' brains, by attempting (safe in their captive journals) to bully-trash dissenters' creativity...." Dio has a very small circulation and is written mostly by Rawlins himself.