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Pardon me, my Lord, a moment's inspection will convince your Lordship that I have a perfect luminary at the juncture of two of my sides.
Your Lordship must be aware that such facts touching the belongings of his humble servant might be easily ascertained by any one in the neighbourhood possessing your Lordship's ample means of obtaining information.
His lordship told me to ask you, madam, to be kind enough to wait in the drawing-room for him.
His lordship told me that if a lady called I was to ask her to wait in the drawing-room.
The gentleman in the bag wig laid bundles of papers on his lordship's table, and his lordship silently selected one and turned over the leaves.
Kenge presented her, and his lordship begged her to sit down near him.
exclaimed his lordship, with deep, determined emphasis.
His lordship would have put a short end to the difficulty, by very gallantly desiring to mount his horse; but Mrs Fitzpatrick would by no means consent to it.
His lordship is a man to whom I owe much, everything in life," said the Right Reverend Doctor Trail, thinking that the Archbishop was rather shaky, and Mrs.
His lordship testified, on the contrary, a becoming composure and interest.
I would submit, my lord, then,' returned the person he appealed to, in a silky tone, 'that your health and spirits--so important, under Providence, to our great cause, our pure and truthful cause'-- here his lordship pulled off his hat again, though it was raining hard--'require refreshment and repose.
Crushton had been reflecting what subject his Lordship could talk about best.