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After 15 years of discussions we can enliven and improve the central part of the city and give it a new, modern look," said Rostislav Novak, managing director of Lordship, when introducing the latest plans for the Kyjev Hotel and its vicinity on Kamenne Square in late January.
Jonathan Jackson, founder of Lordship Africa and Lordship Europe, said that the project was motivated by the need to house executives who work in Upper Hill.
When your susceptible Lordship was at the Judge's Bungalow, I wrote again.
Earlier, Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Chairman NAB, thanked the Chief Justice for sparing time and briefed his lordship about the SAARC Nations Seminar on Anti Corruption being organized by NAB in Pakistan from September 26-27 to enhance regional cooperation to deal with corruption.
The ancient Welsh historical title of The Lordship of the Manor of Boulston, Pembrokeshire, will be going on auction at the Park Inn Hotel, in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff.
Matters reached a flash point when an upset Dhavan said: "What your lordship said is very unfair" following which the Chief Justice threw the file and said, "OK.
Human lordship over the other stands in combat against Christ's lordship of shalom.
Dr Cunningham's book is the more significant because it deals with a Gaelic and a gaelicised lordship which escaped conquest and colonisation.
A collection of papers by a group of specialists concentrates on the history of the Lordship of the British Isles in the 14th-16th centuries and the tensions that defined it: those between the Lords of Islay and the Stewart Kings of Scotland, between the two worlds of the Western Isles and the Atlantic and the mainland, and between Gaelic and Anglophone cultures.
Speaking of his ambassadorial duties, his lordship said that he could testify that there was a good understanding between France and England, and that there was in France a great faith in all that England was doing to bring the war to a successful conclusion.
Material is organized in chapters on political context, Byzantium, Genoa, the lordship as family and enterprise, lordships as communities, Latin Christendom, and the Turks.
The Irish Mirror has learned the closest ambulance on the night the officer was gunned down in Lordship, Dundalk, Co Louth, was more than 40km away in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan.