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Princess Diana's brother, Lord Spencer, turned to him to sell off the lordship of the manor of Wimbledon for pounds 171,000 at auction.
Both Lordships were originally held by Ilbert de Lacy, a great Norman baron who fought with King William at the Battle of Hastings.
They complimented his lordships commitment, dedication and selflessness for the cause of justice.
Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has been invited to receive International Jurists Award 2009 in recognition of his lordships outstanding contributions in the filed of Administration of Justice.
It is one of the most expensive lots being offered in the sale of seven lordships by the Historic Records Agency.
The Marquess, 41, who was once jailed for possession of heroin and cocaine, sold the lordships of the manor to fund a new life in the Bahamas.
The members of the both Bars praised Honble Chief Justice of Pakistans efforts to hear the cases beyond the normal time of Court and they thanked his lordship for sparing time for them and his lordships patient hearing to them.
In 1999 when the insurance company sold 12,000 acres of Herefordshire land to the Duchy, it retained all the ancient Lordships of the Manor which went with it.
They also praised his lordships role for eradication of corruption from judiciary.
The Earl of Dudley is selling titles to some of his most ancient Midland lordships in a bid to raise pounds 250,000 - just months after an auction of the titles was cancelled.
And further they praised his lordships untiring efforts to purge judiciary of corrupt practices and eliminate corruption from judiciary to enhance the image of over all judiciary in our country.
President Zardari said that he will always bow before their lordships the Judges no matter whether he was the President or an ordinary citizen.