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Is there provision made electronically if some motorist pulls in between the lorries for the lorries to allow him in?
Up to three lorries will travel in formation, with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle.
Gavin Baker Lorries sould stay at 56 in the slow lane, cars at 60 in middle lane and outside lane 70 (overtaking).
Each OMC would furnish a time line action plan for conversion of tank lorries of their contractor/haulier to the applicable safety Laws/Rules and Regulations, in the shortest possible time and till then minimum safety measures would be ensured.
I will be stepping up my campaign now to get sensors fitted to all vehicles but in particular lorries.
At present, these lorries are always breaking down and our uplifts are delayed a day.
Join us Twitter @ But the move would damage the region's economy because extended lorries would be too long to use the tunnels, it was claimed last night.
A RESIDENT has called for warning signs to prevent lorries getting stuck on a narrow village road.
The 83ft supertruck, 29ft longer than a normal HGV, was pulled up in the latest chapter in a battle between hauliers and the Government over whether the giant lorries should be on UK roads.
THE EUROPEAN Parliament's transport committee is pushing for a binding deadline of June 30, 2008, for retrofitting heavy lorries in operation since 2000 with blind spot mirrors.