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A LORRY driver drove more than 30 miles on the motorway without realising there was a BODY on the roof of his vehicle.
Of yesterday's incident one witness told London's Evening Standard: "The front wheel of the bike was completely squashed under the front wheels of the lorry.
Police, firefighters and environment experts were called to the scene, after the lorry overturned into fields on the A697 near High Learchild Farm, North of Thrunton at 3.
The venue, in Church Hill, Wednesbury, was packed with Boxing Day revellers when the lorry careered into the building at 8pm.
The gang of five Iranians - two men, two women and the boy - were discovered cowering in the back of a lorry heading to the city from a port in France.
The skip lorry was taken from Oldham Brothers Skip Hire on Kirkby Bank Road, Kirkby Industrial Estate, between 7pm and 8.
Bois y Loris (The Lorry Boys) is an informal club that started on Geraint Lloyd's Radio Cymru show, and now it, along with its members, are the subject of a quirky one-off S4C documentary on Thursday, presented by author and producer Owain Llyer.
We realised that a lot of lorry drivers were listening and contacting the radio show so we decided to start a small competition urging all lorry drivers to get in touch with us with the chance of winning a Geraint Lloyd Show pen.
Police arranged for a tow-truck and heavy lifting gear to move the lorry late yesterday afternoon.
I have for the past 30 years ridden on my old-fashioned bike all round Bute Park, and the only lorry I have seen is the lorry the park gardeners have used.
BRITAIN'S longest lorry took to the roads for the first time yesterday - but was stopped by police after travelling just 100ft.