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Another lorry was seized while transporting charcoal in Mwingi and is being held at the subcounty offices.
Such reliance on road transportation requires a highly safe tank lorry that not only meets regulatory requirements, but also ensures integrity of the product, the public and the road infrastructure.
The following vehicles could also react more quickly to the lead lorry braking than human drivers can.
The report revealed that the tank lorry, hired by the SPL from Marwat Enterprises, was found to be non-compliant to the Pakistan Petroleum Rules 1937.
Following this, in last years Autumn Statement the government announced it would be providing up to 250 million for a permanent lorry area.
A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police said the lorry driver, 40, from Poland, was arrested on suspicion of assisting people entering the country unlawfully.
a a e driver, whose lorry e driver, whose lorry had ploughed into the back of the jack-knifed truck, had to be freed from the wreckage by reghters.
Merseyside Police received reports that Princess Way was blocked after the catalogue firm's lorry came apart in the early hours of the morning.
Hope was cycling across a pedestrian crossing in Kings Heath High Street when she was hit by an 18-tonne lorry being driven by Darren Foster.
POLICE were last night hoping to reopen an A-road through Northumberland more than a day after a lorry carrying radioactive material crashed.
A FATHER screamed at a bin lorry driver to stop just seconds before his son was knocked down and killed, a court heard yesterday.
BEING a longdistance lorry driver can be a lonely job, motoring for miles across the UK and Europe- so the chance to keep in touch with fellow Welsh-speakers and friends back home is one that many have welcomed with open arms.