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Maybe getting more calcium or calcium-rich dairy foods will help you lose weight.
It's important to understand that the numbers on height/weight charts and bathroom scales are poor indicators of whether or not an athlete needs to lose weight.
Homeowners who lose their vacation homes have two years and owners of real property used in their trade or business or held for investment have three years.
During the dancer's January evaluation, the director said, "I said to her to be careful not to look too thin and please don't lose any more weight, we are concerned and hope you are eating well.
The loss is even greater if the dieters is taking diuretics, drugs that make your body lose water.
While LDL ("bad") cholesterol declined in the conventional dieters, it didn't fall much, probably because that group didn't lose much weight.
A pathogen takes the amino acids that it needs directly from the host's body, so bacteria like Rickettsia, which causes typhus, tend to lose the genes for making these nutrients on their own.
And sure, I would lose weight but then I'd gain it back--and usually some extra pounds to boot--when I got sick and tired of feeling deprived and living on eggs and grapefruit or whatever happened to be the popular weight-loss concoction of the day.
Q: How does strength-training help people lose weight?
If people who are insulin-resistant lose weight, they oftentimes go back to being normal," says Ron Goor, co-author of the low-fat diet book Choose to Lose.
But not once did any of these players lose their pants.
Yet few of the companies NAH contacted have done controlled studies showing that their supplement helps people lose weight.