lose an opportunity

See: forfeit
References in classic literature ?
I knew Blucher would not lose an opportunity like this.
Even if an Anglican covenant is desirable, there is a very real danger that the current climate of conflict and the sense of urgency to resolve it would so shape the finished product that we would lose an opportunity to produce a visionary statement of hope for the Anglican Communion in favour of the development of processes with which to conduct our present and future conflicts.
At least 16 garment makers producing jackets made of duck down could not continue operation and will potentially lose an opportunity to export US$250 million worth of jackets to the European Union this year.
If we, as tax professionals, fail to alert clients to errors, they may underpay their taxes and lose an opportunity to correct such mistakes without penalties.
Among people with disabilities and vocational disadvantages who would lose an opportunity to become more productive and self-sufficient are 14 people with visual impairments; 46 people with hearing impairments; 38 people with psychotic disorders; 128 people with mental retardation; 188 people with other disabling medical conditions; 765 ex-offenders; and 28 welfare recipients.
In addition, they lose an opportunity to promote their business on the login page.