lose control

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Again, at the mention of her name, he seemed almost to lose control of himself.
Leonard was driven straight through its torments and emerged pure, but enfeebled--a better man, who would never lose control of himself again, but also a smaller, who had less to control.
But a deep, underlying spirit of cautiousness prevented his often yielding to appetite in such measure as to lose control of himself
Once only, during the eleven years of litigation, did he lose control of his temper.
He was anxious not to get muddled and lose control of her head, because the compass-card swung far both ways, wriggling on the pivot, and sometimes seemed to whirl right round.
com)-- A simple yet handy new product designed to effectively address a common household problem, the Don't Lose Control, has been developed by Debbie Bright of Phenix City, Alabama.
The steering control arm component can break under normal use, causing driver to lose control and crash.
But Cech said: "It's always a difficult question, when you lose control or not lose control.
Cardiff and Vale coroner Mary Hassell recorded a verdict of accidental death, and said the bad weather had momentarily caused the teenager to lose control of her car.
Summary: Birmingham's owners have moved to reassure supporters that they will not lose control of the club over a dispute with an investment bank.
It is not possible to lose control of a vehicle due to fog.
Q: Has depression ever caused you to lose control of your life?