lose heart

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Do not lose heart, for the battle will be long and difficult.
Uninitiated readers will lose heart trying to make sense of these relationships, but the crucial circumstances for the development of the Haarlem landscape tradition emerge clearly.
He added: "We looked deflated when they went in front but we didn't lose heart.
As Saint Paul says, we do not lose heart, but press on with you to claim the promise of our shared faith: a faith which you so clearly embody.
Sellers have been left cursing the fact that The Oval is playing better than expected, but it will deteriorate and England's tail is long enough not to lose heart completely.
If I could be as single-minded as the widow, then perhaps I might not lose heart.
coordinating an effort to keep impressing on the city that this is not a viable solution and to keep encouraging the County legislators that the park is best and not to lose heart," said Gudrun Le-Lash, executive director of Federated Conservationists of Westchester County.