lose heart

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But the ideas of discipline and Christian fraternity are entirely relaxed,--they can hardly be said to exist in the public mind; they hardly survive except in the partial, contradictory form they have taken in the narrow communities of schismatics; and if I were not supported by the firm faith that the Church must ultimately recover the full force of that constitution which is alone fitted to human needs, I should often lose heart at observing the want of fellowship and sense of mutual responsibility among my own flock.
Compelled by the love of God, we too have reason not to lose heart.
So then it becomes a question of money and with IVF costing as much as PS15k a cycle, many couples lose heart, especially when they realise success rates are not all that high.
Lee Clark has done a sterling job trying to keep the team from falling out of the Championship but no matter how much he tries by borrowing players on loan, who play for their own teams very well, arrive and immediately seem to lose their good talents, other young players that have come through the Academy lose heart as well.
She said that her father had died two years ago but her mother did not lose heart and continued to get her educated.
She said: "It's easy to lose heart if there's no point working.
uk The aim of the website is quite simply to help encourage people in their daily lives and frequent struggles, inspiring them never to give up or lose heart during these troubled and often bewildering times.