lose identity

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When you lose identity you get lost, you put your head down and shut your mouth.
Calon Wen is a co-operative of more than 20 family farms established in 2000 with the aim of processing Welsh organic milk in Wales instead of seeing it leave the country to lose identity and value.
But when you lose control and lose identity you must try and do other things.
This is a manageable size," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg--"a far cry," he suggested, "from the schools of 3,000" in which students easily lose identity and fail to receive individual attention.
An activity undertaken by an exempt organization "does not lose identity as a trade or business merely because it is carried on within a larger aggregate of similar activities or within a larger complex of other endeavors which may, or may not, be related to the exempt purposes of the organization" (Sec.
Soliciting, selling, and publishing commercial advertising do not lose identity as trades or businesses even if an exempt organization publishes the advertising in a periodical with editorial matter related to its exempt purposes.