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"If we can win tomorow and Westoe lose it's over," Higgins said.
"When you lose it's how you bounce back that counts," he said, expecting his side to cash in on forthcoming home games against Peterborough then Rochdale next Tuesday.
But the demise of the managerial partnership between Gerard Houllier and Roy Evans, and the subsequent uncertainty among the players as the Frenchman looked to stamp his personality on the squad, has seen this once great club lose it's way to such an extent that a draw with Manchester United was seen as a cause for celebration.
Australian crowds are likely to demand much more but battering shoddy opposition week in, week out, is sure to lose it's interest at some stage.
That's no more and no less, we got a win today, which is very good, but as I keep saying, the same mantra, win or lose it's a game in March.
"In this team - at least in my way of thinking - when we win or lose it's because all the team did well or performed badly.
Fowler said: "Obviously we'd like to win the Charity Shield, but if we do lose it's not going to be such a major disappointment.
I have played in three World Cups and I am here to win my second, but win or lose it's time to go."