lose morale

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Contador said: "I must stay calm, not lose morale, I'm still standing, but I have been really touched.
If a Taliban commander or governor is killed, their men feel like a pot without a lid and lose morale.
We need to find the positives and try, proceed with ambition and not lose morale.
However, it is important to remember the significant number of nurses would have entered the profession because they want to care and, as this report shows, they lose morale when they are unable to do so.
I'd always lose a couple of stone, but it goes back on and I lose morale.
It will be wonderful to have a new system, tailored more carefully towards the specific needs of mothers and their babies, but it will fall down if existing staff lose morale because of decreased wages, or new recruits are deterred from joining because of unpopular pay scales.
Employees who see managers behaving differently - holding frequent meetings behind closed doors, for example - will quickly lose morale.
They could start fighting among themselves and lose morale, or it could make them stronger.