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"People lose patience, that's normal - but we don't.
He told protesters to remain steadfast in the face of adversity and not lose patience.
Blues boss Jose Mourinho appeared to lose patience with the Spanish left-back as the champions struggled to overcome lowly Pompey.
After fourteen years of waiting for the 1990 Directive on the contained use of genetically-modified micro-organisms to be implemented, the Commission is starting to lose patience and has decided to refer France to the European Court of Justice a second time for failure to comply with a 2003 Court ruling over biotechnology legislation.
Montgomery' "why can't you just let the stories be?" He speaks, perhaps, for every reader of the book who will at one point or another lose patience with the multi-faceted quest and its Quixote.
He said, 'Customers can lose patience with organisations and be gone in 180 seconds, often without that organisation even knowing there's a problem.