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The Biggest Loser Resort is founded upon five brand pillars: fitness, nutrition, education, relaxation and group camaraderie, all of which are heavily integrated into each of its destination-based weight loss programs.
The losers of the Hull-Catalan and St Helens-Hull KR games will go out, with the winners given the chance to fight on a week later.
Game 7: Second ranked QPO winner v non-Clubcall selected club (winners to Grand Final, losers eliminated).
6M WINNER LOSER LIVERPOOL Luis Suarez stays and has been surrounded by lots of young, hungry talents.
Now that the presidential election in which the McCain-Palin ticket was defeated is more than a year past, Sarah Palin is nearly as likely to be viewed as a political winner as a loser.
So rather than finders keepers, losers weepers, finders may become keepers if they try to find the owner.
Schmidt now plans to hold another Big Loser Challenge after Labor Day to ready employees for the holidays.
Winners are in a sweet spot in the market, with strategies that are agile, disciplined, and focused; whereas, losers sit in a sour spot due to being rigid, inept, and diffuse.
Previously mated females again tended to select the loser of the males' pecking competition, but virgins chose the winner.
I had utterly inscribed myself into a Solondzesque loser narrative.
What worries me most about the rise of loser public speakers is the message it sends to kids.
Actually, I spent most of the night assuming I was a loser, since I had bet $200 that Gore would take the White House and $50 that the Dems would take back the House.