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If, therefore, an athlete consumes 250 calories per day below the caloric needs--a 250-calorie deficit--it will take 14 days to lose one pound of fat [3,500 cal / 250 cal/day = 14 days].
Insured disaster victims who lose tangible personal property used in their trade or business or held for investment can reinvest their proceeds in any tangible personal property.
In Buchnera, the amazing thing is that they keep all the pathways for the essential amino acids and lose all the nonessential amino acids that there is no shortage of [in the host]," says Moran.
A common fear about loser-pays is that the side who loses a routine dispute will get handed a bill for 10,000 hours from Cravath, Swaine & Moore.
And whenever they do lose possession, they will apply immediate pressure to blunt the quality of the opponents' long ball.
Playoffs prediction: Loses to Detroit in conference finals.
If not, if UCLA is left in some kind of morose stupor, grieving over what got away, it will lose this, its biggest game of the year, this weekend.
A lot of the guys were walking off the field shouting, `We don't lose football games.
It gets it in the back of our mind that we can lose, reminds us how much we want it.
This team, we don't think we're supposed to lose games.