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Some additional tips for athletes who are interested in losing weight in a safe and effective manner:
Critics say some English plaintiffs have sweated about the risk of losing their house along with their case.
We are flattering ourselves to think that everyone in the world is interested or concerned with our losing season.
Because weight-lifting builds muscle, more of the protein you eat is being laid down in muscle, so you're losing less.
The all-time JC mark for losing streaks belongs to Coahoma College of Clarksdale, Miss.
After losing to Indiana, two days before Charlotte, the Zen Master did as other, less enlightened coaches do: He ranted and raged at his lackadaisical players then, the next day, forced them to sit through a two-hour film session.
Outlook: Losing Selanne will hurt team's chances of bouncing back after dreadful year.
But this losing the opener has hardly proved a serious problem in the Angels' previous two playoff series.
Losing in the Olympics made him a villain in his native Sweden, but his 2.
Don't have to tell you that since the All-Star break, the Dodgers have turned into a nasty summer skid, losing just about every way possible.