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Oddly enough, losing weight should be done in a fashion similar to that of gaining weight: frequent--but smaller--meals should be consumed over the course of the day.
Furthermore, both Hispanic and Asian children also experience worse schools than whites, but neither of those groups is losing ground.
Helpfully, the Sudbury Star went on strike not long after that, and we went from losing our shirts, to working 24 hours a day to put out a paper that was 10 times the size we were equipped to handle.
These activists assert that losing weight is not only futile but harmful, that the risks of obesity are outweighed by the risks of "yo-yo" dieting.
A losing season can sap the spirit of both coaches and players and demoralize the program.
Two and a half years ago when she first came to the company, she was a little chubby, and the artistic staff sat with her and asked her to lose five pounds." Holmes denied telling dancers that getting principal roles was contingent on losing weight.
They carefully control the process to prevent that danger, giving the losing side a full chance to dispute a fee award, requiring that work be reasonable and necessary, providing that elite lawyer rates not be paid if a Main Street lawyer could have done the job, and so forth.
Losing so much water can cause your blood pressure to drop.
Upon losing possession, they will immediately pressure the ball.