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Oddly enough, losing weight should be done in a fashion similar to that of gaining weight: frequent--but smaller--meals should be consumed over the course of the day.
Critics say some English plaintiffs have sweated about the risk of losing their house along with their case.
We are flattering ourselves to think that everyone in the world is interested or concerned with our losing season.
Because weight-lifting builds muscle, more of the protein you eat is being laid down in muscle, so you're losing less.
The all-time JC mark for losing streaks belongs to Coahoma College of Clarksdale, Miss.
Losing your digital camera photos is tantamount to losing a photo album in a fire - the difference is with the advances made in data recovery, there is no need for your memories to be lost.
In the process, Charlotte not only ended its franchise-record 13-game losing streak, but also tied a franchise record for points in a quarter with 40 points in the first period.
Angels third baseman Troy Glaus hit a pair of solo home runs - just as he had in that losing cause in Game 1 against the Yankees - and all the runs but one came via the long ball.
Add to that the county's additional sales and gasoline taxes, and Chicago's head tax and telephone levies, and you can understand why Cook County is losing industry.
Losing in the Olympics made him a villain in his native Sweden, but his 2.
The time and money spent on recovering data and the potential for lost business associated with downtime can be almost as catastrophic as losing the data itself.
Don't have to tell you that since the All-Star break, the Dodgers have turned into a nasty summer skid, losing just about every way possible.