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Given that blacks and whites have relatively little overlap in the schools they attend, differences in school quality could well explain why black students are losing ground.
As the above passage from Losing Ground indicates, Murray had nothing but scorn for a well-intentioned liberal elite that professed compassion for the underclass but doomed its members to permanent dependency by expecting nothing of them.
Drawing on the masculinist tradition of Western philosophy--including Sartre, Camus, Plato, Nietzsche, Kant, Hegel, and Descartes--as a subtext, Losing Ground systematically deconstructs notions of race, class, and gender as it explores black feminine ontology via a middle-class black female protagonist.
Thermoformed PVC/ABS skins will keep losing ground to thermoformed TPO as well as slush-molded TPO, PVC, and TPU and spray-on urethane coatings, according to Robert Eller, president.
NCAA athletes, with the exception of white female players, are losing ground in the classroom.
If you don't protect what's intact and functioning, you'll be losing ground.
Suarez says that switch probably contributes to the decline of the lizard, which is also losing ground to development.
Losing Ground suggested cutting off welfare as a remedy to the anti-social incentives placed before the poor.
In its traditional profit line--mainframe computers--IBM is losing ground to rivals like Amdahl and Fujitsu.
Bar soaps maintain the largest share of market at slightly under 50%, but they are steadily losing ground to liquid soaps, shower gels, and products enhanced with anti-stress agents and aromatherapy benefits.