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The biggest change over the past eight years has been the steady increase in the number of people losing sleep over educational expenses," says Matt Schulz, CreditCards.
It is freedom of movement--a cause worth losing sleep over.
He said: "The locals are really upset because they're losing sleep.
In effect, people are losing sleep over an area in which they are unlikely to have much control.
Echoing what other top Simulator players have said, Joe explained that using simulators like Zacks Stock Challenge or any other form of virtual trading is a great way to test out all sorts of strategies without losing sleep over real steep losses.
Those are the years when children should be enjoying life free of worries and responsibilities - not losing sleep over how flat their stomach is or how big their thighs are.
The teen superstar said that she's losing sleep worrying about global poverty.
Unable to speak, his rehabilitation has been hard yet remarkably successful, resulting in the release of his first complete post-illness studio album, Losing Sleep.
The former Orange Juice singer will release his seventh album Losing Sleep in September and will play Oran Mor on November 7.
And nearly a fifth are losing sleep by worrying about their personal finances.
Ian and Ron Davison are bucking the property downturn and certainly not losing sleep over their pounds 8million mortgage.
One in three of those worried about their job was losing sleep, one in five was depressed, and some were eating more to cope with the stress.