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Mikron's Artistic Director, Marianne McNamara commissioned Losing the Plot last summer and said: "Mikron have always told the story of events, innovations and movements through the eyes of ordinary people and communities.
Mikron's Artistic Director, Marianne McNamara who commissioned Losing The Plot last summer, explained why she was drawn to the theme of allotments.
Crowd deserting in their droves, the captain losing the plot and the head coach hiding in the dugout.
But this vile crime is the kind of thing serial killers do in childhood before totally losing the plot.
The player's rage brought back memories of Aberdeen star Dean Windass losing the plot against Dundee United in 1997.
Tonight it becomes clear that gay gangster Harry is steadily losing the plot.
The Hoops lost that clash 3-1 in August and Lennon had to be dragged away from Dougal after losing the plot at full time.