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THREAD. A figurative expression used to signify the central line of a stream or water course. Harg. Tracts, 5; 4 Mason's Rep. 397; Holt's R. 490. Vide Filum aguae; Island; Water course; River.

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Dementia affects everyone in different ways, but according to the Alzheimer's Society, common signs of dementia include: Struggling to remember recent events, although you can easily recall things that happened in the past; Finding it hard to follow conversations or programmes on television; Forgetting the names of friends or everyday objects; Being unable to recall things you have heard, seen or read; Repeating yourself or losing the thread of what you are saying; Having problems thinking and reasoning; Feeling anxious, depressed or angry about your forgetfulness; Finding that other people start to comment on your forgetfulness; Feeling confused even when in a familiar environment.
The table was also very useful when I wanted to change the structure of the story without losing the thread.
Repeating themselves or losing the thread of what they are saying.