loss of fortune

References in classic literature ?
These, then, are the situations in which men will be seditious: the causes for which they will be so are profit and honour; and their contrary: for, to avoid dishonour or loss of fortune by mulcts, either on their own account or their friends, they will raise a commotion in the state.
He seemed to remember a time when he was not quite so rough and obdurate; and almost thought that he had first hated Nicholas because he was young and gallant, and perhaps like the stripling who had brought dishonour and loss of fortune on his head.
Mittal also registered a loss of fortune, dropping to 7th place from last year's third spot with a wealth of Au9.
Despite his fame and fortune - or loss of fortune as it was - George never really changed from being the shy person he was when he left Belfast.
Some people will believe that this sudden reversal of fortune -- not to mention loss of fortune -- is mere coincidence and has nothing to do with prayer," reads the ad.