loss of health

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What has it ever brought me but anxious days and sleepless nights; but loss of health and peace of mind, and gain of feebleness and sorrow
The temporary relief Congress gave the Childrens Health Insurance Program, while appreciated, wont stop the loss of health care access and jobs that occurs when disproportionate share hospital (DSH) cuts hit with full force January 1.
Only people suffering from certain life events including loss of health insurance, relocating, marriage, having a baby or adopting a child qualify for the special enrollment period, which is only allotted within 60 days of a life event.
Summary: Colonel Eid Mohammed Thani said drug abuse causes loss of health and wealth for families
After years of sending the majority of their medical transfer patients to Newfoundland and Labrador, St-Pierre-Miquelon is shopping around for a new health provider -- and that could mean more economic impact than just loss of health spending.
The text states that the plan should provide for continuity of care, minimize loss of health care access, "emphasize personal responsibility"; "provide patients and health care providers with financial incentives to use and deliver health care services efficiently and achieve better health outcome"; and "incorporate innovative and effective health care delivery approaches, including but not limited to approaches based on defined contributions to enrollees and a system of coordinated care delivery models.
Unite/CPHVA's National Professional Committee (NPC) has received increasing evidence over the years about the effects of the loss of health visiting's statutory status.
Joblessness and the accompanying loss of health benefits drove an additional 3.
Dr Holohan said: "This country just cannot afford this anymore in terms of money, never mind in terms of the loss of health and happiness.
If older people were asked to choose between this modest amount of additional income to compensate for loss of health and independence, and, on the other hand, the restoration of full health and strength, it would be no contest
In addition, in this unstable employment market, the loss of a job often leads to loss of health coverage, as insurance becomes less affordable.
And illness often led to job loss and a subsequent loss of health coverage.