loss of honor

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We could only have remained and died together, fighting; but you know, Tara of Helium, that we may not jeopardize a woman's safety even though we risk the loss of honor.
Ginio skillfully adopts the concept and uses it to make sense of the tremendous amount of written material on national grief, guilt and loss of honor.
In the perspective of social transformations and anxiety engendered by the struggle for survival, it is not surprising to see the emergence of entirely negative abstractions symbolizing the loss of honor, as if honor could no longer be seen positively.
Once an individual can accept that the sovereign chooses what is acceptable then it will be more understandable when the loss of honor comes with a change in what is then being valued (Chapter 4).
He returned to life as a simple farmer, vowing to kill Julian for the loss of honor he perpetrated.
Some cases, however, in which provocation is raised as a defense--both in the East and in the West--involve violence that was implicitly or explicitly motivated by a loss of honor.
Custom (Irf) governed the mediation of conflict within or outside the tribe and could not be violated without loss of honor -- a distinct disgrace -- and threat of severe penalty.
Nowhere was this loss of honor more obvious than in Egypt, which openly collaborated with the Israeli leadership in imposing the shameful blockade on the Gaza Strip, condemning 1.
Petraeus, then a major general in charge of military operations in the north, praised him as a "man of honor and integrity" and asked him to surrender in a letter stating that by doing so, he could "avoid capture, imprisonment and loss of honor and dignity befitting a general officer".
Generally, disciplinary sanctions that result in room confinement also result in a loss of honor status.
In Muslim societies, a loss of honor is something that must be avoided.
The sacrifice, however, was at the loss of honor and future prestige.