loss of identity

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Even Bettsbridge or Shadd's Falls would not have been sufficiently aware of her, and in the greater cities which attracted Ethan she would have suffered a complete loss of identity.
This in turn can lead to men feeling like they have had a loss of identity.
Reasons for lack of confidence include loss of identity, changed priorities and becoming overly self-critical.
But some residents have expressed concerns over a loss of identity or dominance by Birmingham, as the largest city in the region.
He shares my opinion that it is a Luddite/village mentality attitude which prevents using a brand name, which has no bearing toward loss of identity anywhere.
The photographers weave their images around themes of loss of identity and a sense of belonging.
I felt a loss of identity," writes the successful author, sometime model and Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston in the second book of her astounding memoir.
Jewishness, the Nazi occupation and loss of identity are recurrent themes in his novels, which include 1968's La Place de l'Etoile - later hailed in Germany as a key post-Holocaust work.
These new poets channel the voices of their predecessors, of their immediate community, of the commercial media, of the hegemonic oppressor as well as the voices of their own confusion and loss of identity when confronted with these many voices at the same time.
It covers emergency medical assistance, personal assistance and loss of identity cards and passports.
SKIPPER Russell Martin has attributed Norwich's relegation to a loss of identity.
In some parts of Merseyside, particularly Wirral and St Helens, there has been concern over a possible loss of identity - and it seems likely that if most councils do not make an issue about the name then Greater Merseyside will be used.