loss of identity

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Even Bettsbridge or Shadd's Falls would not have been sufficiently aware of her, and in the greater cities which attracted Ethan she would have suffered a complete loss of identity.
The deep lines are accentuated by the surrounded graffiti that talks about his fears, pain, grief, loss of homeland, loss of identity and loss of self respect.
The Immigration Division provides assistance for Hong Kong residents in distress, covering matters such as loss of identity documents, accidents and casualties, and being arrested or detained for criminal offences.
Zulueta says his new works are 'reflections on alienation, solitude and loss of identity.
He urged broadcasters to continue to focus on content, saying that the problem of people in South Asia is the loss of identity in the face of so much foreign media, which the media could correct by bringing them the world in their own dialects.
He also identified the loss of identity in Punjabi youth especially as one of the leading causes of extremism.
The paintings and sculptures also depict the destruction of Syria, the struggles of people fleeing their war-torn country and their resulting loss of identity and power.
None of the playwright's revelations--the loss of Identity, the illicit affairs, the empty bed and all the other pains of middle-age desperation --will come as news to straight couples with children, although they might be entertained by watching other people repeat all their own mistakes.
This in turn can lead to men feeling like they have had a loss of identity.
Reasons for lack of confidence include loss of identity, changed priorities and becoming overly self-critical.
Continue reading "How Double Standardsabout my hair and my 'goy booty'Make Me Feel a Loss of Identity as a Black American Frum Jew" at.
But some residents have expressed concerns over a loss of identity or dominance by Birmingham, as the largest city in the region.