loss of power

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Sir Thomas, meanwhile, went on with his own hopes and his own observations, still feeling a right, by all his knowledge of human nature, to expect to see the effect of the loss of power and consequence on his niece's spirits, and the past attentions of the lover producing a craving for their return; and he was soon afterwards able to account for his not yet completely and indubitably seeing all this, by the prospect of another visitor, whose approach he could allow to be quite enough to support the spirits he was watching.
This was clearly the cause of the loss of power, and I pointed it out to my companions, who followed my remarks very carefully and asked several practical questions as to how they should proceed to set it right.
A spokesman for Affinity Water said: "We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by a temporary loss of power at our Chertsey Water Treatment works last night, which caused some customers in Woking to experience low pressure and a loss of supply.
"But the loss of power was so significant that it fell back to a set of secondary back-up systems which resulted in a proportion of electrical demand across the country being disconnected for a short period to help keep the rest of the system safe."
Although the plant remained operational while dewatering was in progress, the power plant tripped on May 5 resulting in loss of power and the desalination of water.
The company said in a statement that the refinery experienced a "minor" loss of power around 8am before it was gradually restored by noon.
In total, 2,811 customers within the TS1, TS4, TS7 and TS8 areas of Middlesbrough were potentially affected by the loss of power supply.
While returning to the airplane's base and at about 5000 feet agl, the engine experienced a total loss of power. The pilot elected to land the airplane on a beach.
Turning south toward Florida, we felt the gut-sickening feeling of an uncommanded loss of power. I felt my body project forward, like when you quickly apply the brakes in your car.
London, Shawwal 17, 1434, August 24, 2013, SPA -- Three bodies have been found after a helicopter carrying 18 people ditched in the sea following an apparent "catastrophic loss of power".
High winds caused by storms that swept through parts of southern Ontario and Quebec are being blamed for the death of 21-year-old woman and the loss of power to hundreds of thousands of Hydro-Quebec customers.
BMW of North America will recall 29,800 X5 utility vehicles with diesel engines to replace an engine part that could break and cause a loss of power steering, federal safety officials said Thursday.