loss of power

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Sir Thomas, meanwhile, went on with his own hopes and his own observations, still feeling a right, by all his knowledge of human nature, to expect to see the effect of the loss of power and consequence on his niece's spirits, and the past attentions of the lover producing a craving for their return; and he was soon afterwards able to account for his not yet completely and indubitably seeing all this, by the prospect of another visitor, whose approach he could allow to be quite enough to support the spirits he was watching.
This was clearly the cause of the loss of power, and I pointed it out to my companions, who followed my remarks very carefully and asked several practical questions as to how they should proceed to set it right.
Although the plant remained operational while dewatering was in progress, the power plant tripped on May 5 resulting in loss of power and the desalination of water.
A spokeswoman for Northern Powergrid said: "We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the loss of power to a number of customers in Middlesbrough.
BMW of North America, a unit of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG , said the engine belt idler pulley bolt could loosen and break over time, which in turn could cause an unexpected loss of power steering and increase the risk of a crash.
The stress tests also found that nuclear power plants in Finland and Sweden would not be able to launch emergency backup systems within one hour of a loss of power to cool reactors.
Energy supplier Electricity North West said the loss of power was caused by a cable fault just before 1pm.
Tests on these vehicles found that rust in the hydraulic pumps for power steering could result in a sudden loss of power steering while driving, increasing the risk of a crash, the NHTSA said.
The cause of the loss of power is now under investigation.
Giles asserted that the Coalition has only six viable state chapters left, and he lamented the group's loss of power.
That this analysis was not statistically significant, while the analysis of the AGI as continuous variable was, is not surprising; dichotomizing a continuous variable results in a loss of power, and thus a larger sample size is needed to achieve a similar level of statistical significance (Ragland 2002).