loss of reason

See: insanity
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As one would guess, my then-husband wasn't thrilled about my sudden loss of reason after being entranced by a tourist brochure.
But since he committed the crime out of passion and obfuscation due to loss of reason and self-control that diminishes his exercise of will power, he shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment for 10 days only and to pay P5,000 moral damages (Bongalon vs.
I only write down now such things as were indelibly impressed upon my mind at that time and which have not or ever will be effaced, but with loss of reason or death.
Steve had been doing a first-class job but the game seems to be suffering a loss of reason.
There is a man there, not a monster, a man who allowed distorted thinking, a loss of reason, an illicit passion to completely destroy the lives of his victims and to destroy his own life.
Which is why the steady loss of reason from our public life is so worrying.
The panel put the incident down to a 'momentary loss of reason.
tunate to be sent off despite his momentary loss of reason.
Thus intellectual identity coincides with a loss of reason and power and implies the passive role of the individual.
While many could have understood a temporary loss of reason and flight from the craziness of modern Christmas, all decent, normal people will have despaired at how any sane parent could behave like this.
The first and perhaps the most obvious is in the Candelaio (1582), where he states that the way of the senses leads to the loss of reason.
Violently harming women in the way that we have been and continue to be harmed forms part of the loss of reason that is often explained and justified with the argument that "being violent is part of the human condition" or that "violence has always existed.