loss of reputation

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All considerations of loss of reputation or injury to his children should be dismissed: the only question is whether he would be right in attempting to escape.
This downtime leads to loss of productivity, visitor traffic, e-commerce transactions as well as revenue, impact to competitive position, adverse brand impact, loss of reputation, cut in share price, loss of business information and increase in IT expenditure to protect from attacks.
Fraud has been on the rise and today it has become a boardroom issue; people across the globe are concerned more about fraud - ranging from employees misuse of identity card to large-scale frauds, concerning high-value contracts, thereby leading to serious businesses implications such as loss of reputation & ethics and stunted growth; and also incurring heavy losses up to 8% of revenue annually for some of the enterprises.
But other costs would be incurred, costs measured in loss of an ability to influence outcomes, the tragic loss of life being reported on a daily basis, the entrenchment of an odious regime, and loss of reputation the United States has previously enjoyed in standing up to such brutality.
TOP GLOBAL BUSINESS RISKS FOR 2015 1 Business interruption and supply chain risk 46% 2 Natural catastrophes 30% 3 Fire/explosion 27% 4 Changes in legislation and regulation 18% 5 Cybercrime, IT failures, espionage, data breaches 17% 6 Loss of reputation or brand value 16% 7 Market stagnation or decline 15% 8 Intensified competition 13% 9 Political/social upheaval, war 11% 10 Theft, fraud and corruption 9% Source: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
The secretary (aviation) has noted that flight delays are causing monetary losses besides loss of reputation to AI.
pay ` 50,000 for deficiency, embarrassment and loss of reputation faced before invitees and hurting her sentiments.
The PPP cochairman was entitled to Rs500 million in damages for loss of reputation and another Rs500 million for mental agony and torture," the notice said, asking the author and publishers to immediately withdraw the book from stores.
Healthcare organizations should feel a great deal of empathy toward their patients as they, too, are now more susceptible to the same types of loss of reputation and public ridicule due to potentially embarrassing information being open for review.
To a lesser extent, financial loss (5%); loss of reputation
Incidents at leading organisations or competitors leading to a loss of reputation.
It seemed accepted wisdom that the humiliating loss of reputation by a professional being dragged to court was a severe enough punishment.