loss of reputation

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All considerations of loss of reputation or injury to his children should be dismissed: the only question is whether he would be right in attempting to escape.
Thus it is a fit case where charge cannot be framed and Saeed is entitled for discharge and award of compensation for the agony, monitory loss and loss of reputation he suffered,' he added.
com, Pinkal Shekhaliya, Founder Director, says, "Major issues in production and supply chain management of vital spares and parts lead to delays, cost overruns and loss of reputation for most of the SMEs, MSMEs and medium and large enterprises.
In their appeal, the lawyers said they were personally aggrieved by the lack of enforcement of the fundamental right of access to justice and the loss of reputation of the judicial system in the eyes of the people of Pakistan due to delays in dispensation of justice.
Tharoor, in his suit, claimed he had suffered humiliation and severe loss of reputation in the eyes of the public.
Not just that, the loss of reputation for the company was high and its recovery since has been surprising at the very least.
This led to crimes of abuse and defamation, often causing loss of reputation, besides fraud, breach of trust etc.
But the colossal loss of reputation and public goodwill will last much longer.
She wants damages on grounds including alleged personal injury, loss of reputation and loss of career.
I will also respect him and will be indebted to him for making that moral decision as a police officer but he should have never have suffered the terrible consequences, loss of reputation and career for doing such a thing.
Although proving financial loss could help the Team Productions case, only the financial loss that is also evidence of loss of reputation matters here.
Part of his punishment is not just a loss of reputation, a loss of his job, and the loss of the financial security and stability that should have given him but he has lost the reputation as a role model.