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Unlike people in their 60s or older, who are settled and emotionally stable after they experienced a sudden change in social and financial status over a decade ago, men in their 50s have enormous stress as they are entering the first stage of loss of income, inevitably entailing the loss of respect from family members," said Sul Dong-hoon, a professor of sociology at Chonbuk National University.
Mananzan - one of the most recognizable faces in the events of the 1986 People Power Revolution in February that eventually toppled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos - said the Catholic faithful now 'see the loss of respect for people, for life, for law.
The lack of confidence among younger Americans could presage a growing loss of respect for police in the future.
If the manager treats his players fairly, then there's no loss of respect.
If the manager is fair in his treatment of the players then there's no loss of respect.
Mr Booth, a chemistry student at the University of Hudderseld, said: "ere seems to have been a fairly large loss of respect.
Patriotism and its loss of respect is well explained by "The Handicapped Sacrifice".
And it is this loss of respect that now provides a seemingly insurmountable hurdle to Mackay's chances of a future career that bares any resemblance to the one he had before he decided to cross Cardiff's billionaire Malaysian owner.
Nieuwenhuizen's death triggered a bout of soul-searching in Dutch football and beyond about the loss of respect for sports officials among youth players.
He had an extraordinary ability to be everyone's friend and mentor without loss of respect.
We generally see loss of respect for authority as a problem - the cause of anti-social behaviour, disruptive classrooms and even, in some quarters, the riots that gripped London and other major English cities.
She said her hatred and loss of respect for him intensified when Tom Bower's biography of Simon revealed he wanted to have an affair with her.