loss of right

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With the denial (and loss of a sense) of sin, however, comes a corresponding loss of right reason and a deadening of consciences.
Two days after admission, the patient's neurologic status began to decline further, with interval loss of right upper and lower extremity motor function as well as severely dysarthric bulbar speech.
Adele Loar - Narragansett, RI, Air Force - Loss of right eye and partial right shoulder, TBI, PTSD
And the loss of right wing-back Alex Dean and centre-back Chris Tullin, both of whom are attending weddings, has certainly not made things any easier for Farmer.
5-10% in excess of Pool--75% tax on all of the Pool overage and loss of right to provide more than one player in the next succeeding signing period with a bonus in excess of $500,000.
Admitting that the loss of right back Curtis Obeng - a transfer deadline day departure to Premier League Swansea City - was a blow, Ashton believes that Wales under-21 international Danny Alfei, who Curtis made the opposite journey to join Wrexham on loan until the end of the season, has an ideal opportunity to make his mark.
Make no mistake, the Jets have every chance of causing an upset, and New England's cause has not been helped by the loss of right guard Stephen Neal, who will miss the rest of the season.
Town struggled to find any rhythm in the first half, when a string of passes went astray and Roberts had a 14th-minute volley blocked before boss Clark had to deal with the loss of right winger Pilkington to a groin strain.
It found evidence of consideration for some value in the company's demutualization plan, specifically, for loss of voting control and loss of right to share in any residual value if the company wound up its affairs.
Kilkenny have injury problems of their own, but the loss of right half-forward Conor Phelan (broken thumb) was offset by the promotion of Pat Tennyson.
Lt Radoescu knew the speed brakes would not be available after landing, and the landing distance would be increased due to the loss of right side hydraulics.