loss of standing

See: opprobrium
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He also expressed profound grief and sorrow over the loss of human lives and loss of standing crops and other properties in the incident.
She received compensation for the loss of standing crops on her five acre land in Sevaniya Gond village near Ratibad on the outskirts of Bhopal.
An estimate by a farmers' NGO, though unconfirmed, reckons the loss of standing crops of cotton, rice, sugarcane, livestock and infrastructure at Rs 200 billion caused by this year's monsoon rains and floods.
The suit states at various points that the articles subjected the woman to humiliation, shame, scorn, emotional injury, embarrassment, loss of standing in the community, loss of self-esteem, public disgrace, severe and extreme emotional distress and "ridicule throughout the world.
The loss of standing crops is ironic given that Bihar has been under the grip of a dry spell for a second consecutive year.
Well, apart from the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, the thousands of British and American soldiers coming home in body-bags, Iraq's crippled infrastructure, the suicide bombings in London last year, the epidemic of suicide bombings in Iraq, Britain's complete loss of standing on the international stage, taking our eyes off the ball in Afghanistan, weapons expert Dr Kelly's "suicide", the farce with the BBC and the government over the "sexing-up" allegations and the subsequent Hutton white-wash, the loss of faith of the British public in our leaders, the newly-acknowledged state of civil war in Iraq, oh - and a complete absence of weapons of mass destruction - it all went quite well, don't you think?
The Arms Park region lock horns with the Italians in Brescia tomorrow (kick-off 6pm BST) knowing that defeat will cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds, not to mention a stunning loss of standing on the European stage.