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MUTATION, French law. This term is synonymous with change, and is particularly applied to designate the change which takes place in the property of a thing in its transmission from one person to another; permutation therefore happens when, the owner of the thing sells, exchanges or gives it. It is nearly synonymous with transfer. (q.v.) Merl. Repert. h.t.

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Contingent on adequate available funds, a multiple ascending dose Phase 2 study in patients with heart failure, including patients with corin loss-of-function mutations, is planned for 2016 to evaluate safety, symptom relief and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic endpoints.
As a result, gain-of-function and loss-of-function mutations in the PCSK9 [2] gene have dramatic effects on serum LDLC concentrations in humans.
The CRAC channel is the gatekeeper for this pathway, and based on the phenotype of SCID patients with loss-of-function mutation in Orai1, it is predicted that selective inhibition of CRAC channels should be effective and safe for chronic immunomodulation.
The collection of fly strains, much of which Exelixis will also make available to not-for-profit institutions, will allow researchers to rapidly create a loss-of-function mutation in virtually any gene within the Drosophila genome.
Recently loss-of-function mutations in members of the cohesin complex have been described in up to 15% of patients with AML.
This much is clear: Women with loss-of-function mutations in the tumor suppressor genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 are at very high risk for developing breast and ovarian cancers.
gidB is a nonessential gene, and loss-of-function mutations in gidB result in failure to methyl ate G527 within the 530 loop of the 16S rRNA molecule [10].