lost connection

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The Defence Ministry has apologised for the noise.People living close to Kosice and Rozava (both in eastern Slovakia) might have been disturbed by a noise similar to an explosion on the evening of June 23.It was caused by two MiG-29 fighter jets that took off from the Slia airport (Banska Bystrica Region) to help an Italian civilian plane that lost connection while flying over Slovakia, the Defence Ministry stated on Facebook.
They have lost connection with the ground level and its leaders only do pressers sitting in the party office.
Dance remains to be the most sought-after action to help us re-establish that lost connection. Dance brings us back to our roots, in the cultural sense but also in the most immediate sensory, personal, individual, down to the core and heart way, whilst still enabling us to be social animals.
The link roads, including Gangwal, Kotkey, Saprona and Torghwand, were blocked and people lost connection with the tehsil headquarters.
We have lost connection with our roots - the salt of the earth.
In our fight for power we have become all too man and all too woman but have lost connection to all too human About two years ago, I heard a very puzzling lecture, at least for me, which was part of many held academic conventions at Alhamra Art Council.
When the game lost connection, the second player said: "Your broadband is rubbish."
Addressing these situations requires at least two well-trained, fully qualified pilots to communicate in real time without delay or the potential for a lost connection.
The team managed to locate the couple via WhatsApp, before they lost connection. With the help of police Air Wing, the rescue team managed to find the couple after three hours of search.
Hulu users unexpectedly lost connection during the final moments of the 2018 Super Bowl game against the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.
Even if I am doing something healthy or meaningful, but I am internally frazzled, I have moved away from peace and lost connection to myself.