lost connection

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The rescue team managed to locate the missing couple via WhatsApp, before they lost connection with the RAK police, he added.
The team managed to locate the couple via WhatsApp, before they lost connection.
Hulu users unexpectedly lost connection during the final moments of the 2018 Super Bowl game against the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.
I believe that the Congress was in power for decades and hence lost connection from ground reality," he added.
Even if I am doing something healthy or meaningful, but I am internally frazzled, I have moved away from peace and lost connection to myself.
Meanwhile, Hussainabad has lost connection with three districts of Gilgit Baltistan as bridge has collapsed due to land sliding.
In a harrowing and heartening story, these reluctant heroes rekindle a lost connection to our most treasured resource and revive a culture connected to seeds.
Very few muscle fibers had completely lost connection with their corresponding motor neurons, which questions the long-held and popular "Denervation/Re-innervation" theory.
He lost connection on April 7 when he reached Kathmandu,' he added.
During his trip, Al-Baghli handed out Kuwaiti flags to many individuals and media personnel he has come across his road trip, giving them a briefing on his trip and the many unpaved and less travelled roads he has been on; he has been on some roads where he lost connection on his GPS; he has been forced to rely heavily on a compass and paper maps to find his way to his next destination.
According to Israeli sources, she lost connection for hours before she was finally found by the Palestinian security forces.
The strategy of the Kansas Democratic Party (KDP) seems to have lost connection to a lot of the reasons why people become Democrats to begin with.