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South Mersey lost ground dropping into fourth after a 3-2 reversal at Wavertree WDOB as FC Salle and Cardinal Newman vied for position drawing 3-3 in a result which favoured the former.
Barclays lost ground after the bank announced the finance director Chris Lucas is leaving six months earlier than planned because of unspecified health reasons, to be succeeded by Tushar Morzaria.
However Northfield lost ground when they visited the team in second place, Hartlepool B, and were beaten 8-2 with hat-tricks from Keith Thomas and Anthony Jackson.
The public also generally perceives that race relations have improved on Bush's watch -- 40% say the country has gained ground in this area versus 25% who say it has lost ground.
Retailers lost ground after a consumer confidence survey registered a 13-year low and highlighted the worst climate for major purchases since December 1990.
We expect to complete our watering programme in the early hours of the morning and, given the levels of moisture that were already in the ground prior to the irrigation system packing up, I'd be very hopeful of making up the lost ground.
The stock, however, lost ground in April after Microsoft announced that it would delay the release of the Windows Vista desktop operating system until after Christmas, 2006.
And while there is plenty of time for Cox to make up for lost ground, it is likely that the Taylor media blitz will leave her in precisely that position--having to make up for lost ground.
In the first 100, I lost ground to them, but I felt a little better on the second 100,'' So said.
5% ahead of the runner-up--the Italian car maker got into the market late but recovered lost ground in 2005, closing the year with 95% of its 400,000 vehicles sold domestically equipped with flex technology.
Yet incredibly ( despite winning eight of their last 10 league games, including a victory over Jose Mourinho's men, and drawing the other two ( the Red Devils have actually lost ground on the Stamford Bridge outfit, who moved 14 points clear with their win over West Ham yesterday.
Now Zoffinger wants to make up for lost ground, a goal that centers on maximizing the financial viability of the new stadium and also its longevity as a state-of-the-art facility.