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Back outside the top flight, EasyJet shares lost height after founder Stelios HajiIoannou dismissed reports he was about to take the company private.
It appears the hot-air balloon, which was carrying heavy gas cannisters, lost height very quickly but no-one yet knows why.
But when they are taken away from the stress - such as quarreling parents - and placed in a more stable home, they eat and drink normally again, and catch up on their lost height, doctors in Southampton found.
British Airways lost height after it had to cancel a flight amid security fears, with shares flying 3p lower to 229.
Among the biggest fallers were aerospace stocks BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce which both lost height after US aircraft giant Boeing posted a second quarter loss.
Stunned drivers on the M8 near the airport watched in horror as the plane lost height and crashed.
IF your mother has lost height or is prone to breaking bones she could be suffering from osteoporosis.
Residents said the pilot battled to clear the village as the jet lost height.
But shares in airports operator BAA also lost height, falling 16p to 481p, after the group said the cost of recruiting 1,000 extra security staff since the US terror attacks had caused a 5.
Children screamed as the plane lost height dramatically three times.
He added: "We were filming over the island when we suddenly lost height.