lost labor

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Air pollution is responsible for 4,000 annual cases of premature death from cardiovascular diseases in Chile, costing US$8 billion per year in medical expenses and lost labor productivity, according to the first environmental report from the Ministry of Environment 2014.
Climate is involved in most of the shocks that keep or bring households into poverty-notably, natural disasters (such as floods that cause asset loss and disability); health shocks (such as malaria that results in health expenditures and lost labor income); and crop losses and food price shocks (due to drought or crop disease).
Studies made by the group showed that the P140 billion in losses can be traced to increase fuel expenses, lost labor hours, employment of traffic aides and wasted electricity.
Of this figure, P40 billion went to direct losses, such as wasted gasoline, lost labor hours, employment of traffic aides, and wasted electricity, while P100 billion went to indirect losses, like missed business opportunities and reduced capital inflow due to investors shying away from the country, among others.
Anything can be downloaded and printed, anywhere, from any device, and there is no lost labor or waste in rekeying data from the same document.
40) Though the narrator rejects a poetic translation of the phrase, the "matter-of-fact" theme of lost labor echoes throughout the story in ways that anticipate later Caribbean models for creolized aesthetics, such as Glissant's "poetics of Relation.
Bright spots included casual dinnerware, a stable, saleable category that grew roughly seven percent, and stainless steel flatware which, though hampered by lost labor, factory closings and delivery problems in China, experienced a slight increase.
Blum is the daughter of SFCU employee Marcelle Blum, and her River Oaks Elementary team known as Team Broaddus earned a second-place trophy for its humorous play submission, "The Lost Labor of Heracles.
Also, think about how much you expect to pay for repair, maintenance and lost labor costs each year.
Content covers contract clauses and their implications, the impact of construction delays and construction change orders, scheduling methodologies including critical path method, calculating damages and lost labor productivity, public construction contracts, and claims and litigation resolution.
For example, such disparities can lead to increased competition for resources, lost labor productivity and greater spending for taxpayers, it said.
Placing process charts for a machine and its operator side-by-side, one can easily see when one is waiting for the other to finish a task, resulting in either lost capacity or lost labor.