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After They Were Famous (ITV1, 10pm) If you've ever lost sleep wondering what happened to Norman Bowler, Emmerdale's Frank Tate, then rest easy.
Findings show that flies sleep mostly at night, and younger ones sleep more than older (33-day-old) ones; some even nap to "catch up" on lost sleep.
However, breathing control was substantially reduced after the volunteers lost sleep.
Those extra hours in bed may be necessary to help busy folk recover from lost sleep Monday to Friday.
And a fifth lost sleep over superbugs, according to the poll by insurer Prudential.
A third of people questioned said they had experienced physical or emotional exhaustion, while 26% said they had lost sleep or been ill as a result of worrying about work, according to human resources consultancy Hudson.
Colin Wilcox is getting twice as much enjoyment from this week's Ryder Cup matches as anybody watching it - something he is certain to appreciate if he ever catches up on the lost sleep.
The effects include excessive drinking, lost sleep, rows with colleagues and illness.
He snores too much," complained Chelsea ace Di Matteo who reckons fellow Italian Zola's sleeping habits have cost him many hours of lost sleep over the years.
CATCHING up on lost sleep can cut the risk of diabetes, research suggests.