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One senior source said: "He appears to have lost the plot.
On Wednesday I again took kicks and when he insulted me I lost the plot.
Yesterday resident Pam Watson said: "They've lost the plot.
The former Red Star ace lost the plot after his Cukaricki Belgrade side were beaten 2-0 by Jagodina in a league clash.
He's lost the plot a little bit today on some of the decisions he's made.
I have to admit I wouldn't have much of a clue what she was saying if she lost the plot.
AFTER Moloko's mellow grooves, Riosin Murphy lost the plot.
Supple said: "This fellow had completely lost the plot and totally lost his confidence so it was just a case of dropping him into the lowest grade possible.
MANUEL PASCALI admitted Kilmarnock lost the plot during their 6-3 home hammering at the hands of Inverness.
A fortnight ago when his side were brushed aside 3-0 by Chelsea at the Emirates, Wenger remembers everyone looking at him, thinking "this guy has lost the plot," when he claimed Arsenal were still in the title race.
Another example of the Government having lost the plot.
The Shire boss then had to be restrained by linesman Craig Young as he lost the plot.