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com video blog, Dunphy raged: "I think he's lost the plot.
Supple said: "This fellow had completely lost the plot and totally lost his confidence so it was just a case of dropping him into the lowest grade possible.
DESIGNER Cynthia Rowley has definitely lost the plot.
MANUEL PASCALI admitted Kilmarnock lost the plot during their 6-3 home hammering at the hands of Inverness.
It's not just the public who believe he has lost the plot, senior figures in the party are referring to the madness of King Brian.
Another example of the Government having lost the plot.
The Shire boss then had to be restrained by linesman Craig Young as he lost the plot.
Bill Julian seems to have lost the plot completely.
For a population of 60m it suggests we've lost the plot.
ITS a joke best footy we bin playin 4 a long time especially with the financial constraints if u sack eric black dont bring in peter reid look at his cv u lost the plot mr mcginnity
TO all those who keep saying we should get behind Gerard Houllier, the man had lost the plot well over a season ago.
When both players are on form there is less between Mark Williams and Peter Ebdon than odds of 4-9 and 7-4 suggest, but Williams is at his peak right now, while Ebdon appears to have lost the plot.