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He was my dad's bestest mate 1970-present, but they lost touch in 1990.
VIN FERGUSON has sent in this old photograph of his Mum & Dad to the People's Archive, in the hope that it will put his father in contact with some family members, whom he's lost touch with over the years.
He told delegates that some people in Britain had felt that Labour had lost touch with them, adding: "These changes are designed to ensure that this party never loses touch again.
He said: "We have lost touch with what the Co-operative started out to do - to champion the causes of the masses.
NE1 1ED I'M trying to trace some family members with whom I've lost touch
He said: " Fadel is my friend, I love him a lot, I send a text message on his phone on a weekly basis, but recently he stopped replying to my texts and we lost touch a while ago ".
eD Miliband admitted yesterday Labour had lost touch with its members and the public - as he warned the party must change to win.
The brothers lost touch after Malcolm left for Australia aged 18.
We are organising a buffet breakfast to welcome back all those 1970s graduates with whom we have lost touch - so, if you are a University of Leicester graduate from the '70s, and have not had any contact from the University, please get in touch now
Former Energy and Cimate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has joined his elder brother in the race for leadership of the Labour party, saying the centre-left party had lost touch with its progressive values.
We were good friends in the late 1980s but we lost touch when I moved away, eventually ending up in Birmingham.