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The band pulled the plug on their contract, claiming the company lost touch with their "creative vision".
Switchboard invited visitors, who perform an average of 1 million searches daily, to submit their tales of how the service played a role in reuniting them with old friends, distant family members, lost loves, and other people with whom they had lost touch.
They would like to contact him again as they lost touch several years ago.
They lost touch and didn't even know the other had survived until a few months ago, thanks to the Salvation Army.
I don't know what her fifth child is called as we lost touch before the baby was born.
Everyone went their own way and I lost touch with most of them.
I'm reconnecting with a lot of my friends that I lost touch with when I was doing drugs.
CLOSE friends who lost touch as Coventry was bombed during the Second World War, have been reunited - thanks to the Evening Telegraph.
She was my best friend at school in Surrey but we lost touch when I left school, married and moved away.
They were married in 1999,1 think, just before we lost touch.
He claims they have lost touch with the reality of how much families can afford to pay for food.
TWO best friends have been reunited 63 years after they lost touch at the end of the Second World War - only to find they live a mile apart.