loud protest

See: outcry
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LAHORE -- As expected, the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday sustained pressure on the Treasury through loud protest, asking it to produce Faisal Subhan a man, who allegedly went missing after claiming that he transferred money to chief minister's accounts.
At the other end of the table, Aston Villa's disillusioned fans made a long, loud protest as their side were humiliated 4-0 at home to Chelsea and now stand on the verge of relegation.
Workers at Link House, in Melbourne Street, were greeted by around 20 people holding a loud protest with pots, pans and a sound system.
A loud protest before the game complemented the threat to stay away, which was heeded by thousands.
Nevertheless, it was a very loud protest and it has badly shaken the European elites who took it for granted that progress toward a more united Europe was inevitable.
Pankhurst frequently led protests and rallies around Westminster, notably in 1905 when a bill for women''s suffrage was filibustered and she and other members held a loud protest outside Parliament.
Though the joint opposition did not put off strong resistance in the first Bill moved by Shahram Khan but later they started loud protest against the government for passing their Bills in hurriedness without even following rules and tradition of the house.
Envoy Jamal Benomar; they impose their plans as they wish despite their loud protest of the Committee's final decisions.
A decade ago when the reformists controlled the Majlis and the Judiciary arrested some reformist deputies, the Majlis as an institution launched a loud protest over the arrests, which eventually came to an end.
It was a small, not too loud protest, but we felt nothing but support.
I know that there will be loud protest of this view.
The loud protest continued throughout the former PM's address.