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With integrated DTS loudness control, the TransAct Encoder/Transcoder achieves unparalleled audio performance free of volume inconsistencies during commercial breaks.
Loudness Meters - New EBU R-128/CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act) compliant metering helps you follow the new rules and avoid fines while maximizing the dynamic range potential of your audio.
At the end of treatment, all patients again filled out TSI and loudness score questionnaires.
The notched music approach can be considered as enjoyable, low cost, and presumably causal treatment that is capable of specifically reducing tinnitus loudness," BBC News quoted Pantev as saying.
The Spanish have a penchant for loudness - mouths, TV sets and myriad other outlets.
Targeted to Tablets, Ultrabooks, Portable Media Players and Smartphones, the High-Performance Codec Maximizes Speaker Loudness While Preserving Battery Life
com), the market leader in broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions, today announced that it is helping Wave Broadband, a cable operator serving more than 400,000 subscribers across the West Coast, to comply with the Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act.
The LMS-16, a multi-channel loudness and true peak metering system has been launched by the Solid State Logic for use with SSL Digital Broadcast Consoles or as a stand-alone product.
8 ounces, it's footprint belies the loudness of its two-watt, full-range drivers, which deliver a warm sound with good separation.
Utilising intuitive overlay controls within its Web-based interface, the Observer loudness monitoring function provides continuous measurements identifying programme loudness and true-peak signal levels.
But, Dr Goncalo Cardoso, a Portuguese ornithologist based at the University of Melbourne, have found that among passerine species - which include finches, sparrows and ravens - the loudness of the call is even more closely linked to its complexity than to the bird's size.
Instead, our focus is on the most commonly used speech tests in clinical practice: the speech reception threshold (SRT) of spondee words, the word recognition score (WRS) of phonetically balanced words, most comfortable loudness (MCL), and uncomfortable loudness (UCL).