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We have installed LEVEL MAGIC, Dolby and Loudness licences -- all of which are features that work for us.
Five subjective metrics, including loudness, sharpness, tonality, spectral centroid and Kurtosis, are analyzed for the cases with various gear faults.
In Egypt, there is an impression that loudness creates dominance; in reality, dominant personalities derive their strength from the state's backing.
Calculate loudness levels through incorporating equal-loudness contours [Phon].
Researchers also predicted the loudness of a summer's day in an alternate universe without people (below).
To assess the loudness of tinnitus, patients were asked to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Based on the study we conducted we now know that a loud voice vote can be the equivalent of three or four votes of moderate loudness, in a group as large as 40-70 people.
Reminding us of the direct criticisms that President Ivanov sent to the EU, Erol Rizaov adds in Utrinski vesnik that if he wanted to achieve greater loudness in Europe, the president should have spoken publically about his own credibility.
All the patients were then subjected to Pure Tone Audiometry and tinnitus matching in terms of frequency and loudness using AAA222 Inter-acoustic Audiometer.
file technology, this platform provides a proven solution for file-based loudness correction with built-in upmix and downmix capabilities.
Should the proposal be accepted, the maximum subjective loudness of advertisements will be consistent and in line with the maximum loudness of programs and junction material.
com)-- International metal giants Loudness have signed to FrostByte Media to release their new album Eve to Dawn worldwide, ex-Japan; the offering is slated for a summer release, with exact dates per territory to be announced.