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In one exchange, Lout asked why he had not appeared at the scene of two major crimes:
Appealing to the better nature of litter louts will not work, as they don't have one.
You only refer to jet skiers as louts - what about the boat users who were also involved in these alleged incidents?
He added: "You behaved like a lout on the train and when you got off you carried on.
Integrated Building Management Group looks to build on list of blue-chip clients - Paul Humphray, from Merseyside Special Investment Fund (MSIF), left, with Steve Lout (IBM)
Shy Bruce said: "I am very surprised at how my character, a bit of a lout, has attracted so many female fans."
Police are hunting the lout who threw the bottle in Bolton Road, Handsworth, at 10.20am last Sunday.
A TEENAGE lout who terrorised shoppers has been given an Asbo that bans him from parts of his home town - unless he is with his mum.
"Regardless of whether anti-social behaviour is re-Bottle lout ported to the police or even classified as a crime, it is important victims know they can contact Victim Support for emotional support and practical help."
In front of the victim's little daughter, the lout slammed the 23-year-old's head into a pole and the girl with him spat in her face.
BANNED: From left, Mark Sciberras, Malcolm Forster and John Connor; LOUT: Lorraine Young, subject to the ban
LOTTO lout Mikey Carroll will send his girlfriend back to work as a pounds 6-an-hour hairdresser after she has his baby.