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The resort has acquired a reputation for wild partying becoming a very popular destination for youths from Britain, who spent their holidays drinking, clubbing and engaging in loutish behaviour.
The park has become a hot-spot for disorder in recent weeks, with Merseyside Police reporting an increase in loutish behaviour and criminal damage.
The council in Calvia, Majorca, is introducing 63 bylaws to crack down on loutish holidaymakers, with police able to issue fines of [euro]100 to [euro]3,000 (PS80-PS2,500).
All three clubs said they will investigate the loutish behaviour, and Cheltenham has blocked the party from attending the second day of the
SIX men have come forward to talk to police after reports of loutish behaviour involving Wrexham AFC fans on a train.
Clarkson has nobody to blame except his loutish self.
This from the same bunch who are telling us that we need minimum alcohol pricing to prevent drunken loutish behaviour on our streets.
It seems to me that, as ever, the upper class' high jinks are the lower class' loutish behaviour.
But the judge said there had to be a consecutive sentence of six months for Walton's loutish behaviour on the bus.
Males and females were exposing themselves in generally drunken, loutish behaviour.
SINCE the EDL loutish members can't be stopped from holding their "rally" - a euphemism for an eagerly anticipated punch up for its semi-feral adherents - in Birmingham there's a simple answer.
I attended the one-day international between England and Australia at the Swalec Stadium last summer, a game which was spoiled for me and others by the loutish behaviour of some fans.