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Primitive Methodist 'Love Feast' loving cup, possibly Welsh circa 1830, with the inscription 'In thee O Lord do I put my trust, let me never be confounded, PSA XXXI.
In its original context, the Love Feast drew from the banqueting practices of the Greco-Roman world.
And it certainly proved restaurant boss Charan Gill was right to claim his special St Valentine's Love Feast really is an aphrodisiac.
"Love Feast represents a unity in the body of our church, and we didn't want to falsely portray that," said Liz Bidgood Enders, explaining the decision to delay the Love Feast until the community could come together as one again.
At 11am the Santa hat procession will arrive at Kennedy square and Makarios Avenue where there will be numerous activities for children to take part in at the Love Feast. These include face painting, bouncy castles, and toy horses on wheels, as well as stilt walkers and magic shows.
The day ended on a happy note with everyone partaking in the love feast with friends and family.
Another slander was they called their common meal a "Love Feast" or "Agape" and thus they were accused of practising immorality.
I mean, a plate of oysters, a dish of figs, a chopped onion, a clove of garlic and a bar of Bourneville is hardly my idea of a love feast although lovers of the past have sworn by them.
They're all winners of our St Valentines Love Feast Contest.
Among the topics included in this chapter are various schisms, the meetinghouse controversy, plainness, technology, the Ordnung, the love feast, and polity.
SHARING a love feast can be the ultimate sensual experience designed to prepare you both for a night of magical passion.
Love feast preparation and sharing a love feast can be the ultimate sensual experience designed to prepare you and your partner for a night of magical passion.