love of mankind

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But five of the other virtues which Pierre recalled, counting them on his fingers, he felt already in his soul: courage, generosity, morality, love of mankind, and especially obedience- which did not even seem to him a virtue, but a joy.
Rallying cries relegate the crippled Lise to the backstage of that theater of global significance, replace her with the imaginary lepers whom we can kiss in dreams doused in love of mankind.
In his portraits, he conveyed Christ's utter love of mankind.
A philosophy based on reason and a love of mankind can be found, for instance, in the work of Ayn Rand.
Philanthropy, after all, "literally means a love of mankind .
One has to ask what exactly is meant by love of mankind when, as in the case of Lucretius, the sweetest delight in life is to look down from a height at men suffering under the follies from which one has freed oneself.
First, Annibal becomes Carlos by ridding himself of love of mankind and learning to murder without hesitation.
Hermes appears just in time, so that - with his infusion of life, his love of mankind - he is able to avert the devastation of the earth and the self-destruction of mankind.
It is a special award because I did not become involved in IOCC for awards and accolades -- but rather, for my love of mankind.
Augustine's admonition to act with love of mankind and hatred of sins lest we are consumed by that against which we fight.
Alongside the guitar is a commemorative plaque which says the exhibit is to remember George's musical legacy, spirituality and love of mankind.