love of mankind

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But five of the other virtues which Pierre recalled, counting them on his fingers, he felt already in his soul: courage, generosity, morality, love of mankind, and especially obedience- which did not even seem to him a virtue, but a joy.
He was to write in his book 'Purani mehfilain yaad aa ra'hi ain': 'I have spent my entire life committed to the beliefs of one day establishing a Socialist Pakistan, where the love of mankind transcends all religions, faiths and creeds'.
Both hoped that their love of mankind would lead them to living out their highest ideals.
President Reuven Rivlin also addressed the ceremony, saying, "Herzl dreamed of the Jewish State, in which Jews could exercise their right to self-determination, but rather than settle for just that, would seek to become a state, the values of which "are both Jewish and humane, where the love of Israel and the love of mankind are entwined as one.
Rallying cries relegate the crippled Lise to the backstage of that theater of global significance, replace her with the imaginary lepers whom we can kiss in dreams doused in love of mankind.
With a track record like this, it is difficult to imagine that companies would all of a sudden turn conscientious and start repairing their cars out of the love of mankind.
In his portraits, he conveyed Christ's utter love of mankind.
Second, Talvet's great love of mankind is reflected in his collection of essays A Call for Cultural Symbiosis.
A philosophy based on reason and a love of mankind can be found, for instance, in the work of Ayn Rand.
Philanthropy, after all, "literally means a love of mankind .
Taking it apart -- love of mankind -- is not very revealing because its current meaning looks so much like the sum of its ancient parts.
One has to ask what exactly is meant by love of mankind when, as in the case of Lucretius, the sweetest delight in life is to look down from a height at men suffering under the follies from which one has freed oneself.